What No One Knows About
What No One Knows About

Important Things to Learn About Cyber Stalking

One of the present issues affecting a lot of people worldwide is this so-called cyber stalking. Cyber stalking is when somebody is following your various online activities and is collecting information about you online in a secretive manner. Even though online stalking does not sound to be really serious, it is not always the case as some people even resort to electronic harassment lawyers. After reading this article, you will be able to identify the signs of being stalked online and determine an instance where you will need to employ electronic harassment lawyers.

Sings to Look Out for to Determine You Are Being Stalked Online


Stalkers are always after something. What stalkers are most likely to do when trying to gather information from you is to message frequently in the pursuit of getting a response from you. These messages will not be sent once nor twice but almost all of the time to increase their chance of getting responses from you. These messages make come in the form of job recruitment messages, invitations, or personal messages coming from a ‘friend.’ Once you are able to feel that some messages are keep going onto your inbox for no important concern at all, it matters to think about being stalked. It may not yet be the time to hire electronic harassment lawyers, but it’s good to be prepared.


Another sign that someone is stalking you is when somebody’s face looks so familiar to you but you do not know exactly who he is and when and where you’ve met in the past. At first, this can sound so normal but if you look at it, how could someone be familiar when you don’t know him or can’t even remember him. It could that the two of you aren’t acquainted with each other but have meet in many common places. This means to say that he was there when you shopped at the mall, he was there when you went to the gas station and many other places. Ask help from electronic harassment lawyers for cyber stalking issues.


Because stalkers are always after your information, they can be expected to do whatever things they can to make sure they accomplished the intention. Thus, they would come to the point of impersonating your friends just to gather information from you. Because it’s hard to think that a friend’s message is not coming from that friend, you will normally just answer the questions contained in the message or worse, give out your most valuable information not knowing it’s only a scheme. It is a warning from electronic harassment lawyers not to provide anyone, even those your friends, your username and password in your email or social media account.