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– My Most Valuable Tips

Benefits and Drawbacks of Vitamins and Supplements
Although many healthy adults are capable of meeting their vitamin needs by eating a healthy diet consistently, vitamin supplements can also be used to prevent nutrition deficiency, like an insurance policy, but may also bring along some disadvantages. Vitamin supplements are taken in various forms, where they can be in liquid form, chew-able form, or capsule and can bring in the following advantages.
The vitamins and supplements are essential for helping in some needs such as pain and swelling caused by arthritis, reduce depression, prepare for a healthy pregnancy, promote more hair growth, and reduce joint stiffness. Taking supplements like Metagenics Glutagenics everyday is a good way to ensure that the body gets the nutrition it needs according the Harvard’s School of Public Health.
The other benefit, and the most important one, is that the vitamins help address diet deficiencies whereby people with certain medical conditions that require limitations in the dies can take multivitamins to add vital nutrients to their diets. Although the need to focus on attaining vitamins from meals, supplements can be recommended for people who are picky eaters, anorexic or bulimic. These vitamins cover for the nutrients that are not available but cannot entirely replace food because they cannot provide the calories required for the basic functioning of the body.
Like stated in the first paragraph, the vitamins and supplements have their disadvantages and the first one is that they bring health disorders in some circumstances, whereby they can trigger a health condition to arise or worsen an already existing condition. The supplements may be containing aspartame, which may bring problems to the people with phenylketonuria, and kidney diseases patients should seek advice from their physicians before taking them, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. For the smokers, beta carotene can increase their probability of getting lung cancer according to Mayo clinic and Medline Plus talks about its significance in ending fatigue, an indicator of serious conditions like depression, anemia and thyroid malfunction.
Secondly and lastly, an overdose of the vitamin supplements can lead to accumulation of substances in the body which can bring adverse effects, says the University of Maryland Medical Center. Also the Harvard School of Public Health states that taking more than 1000mg of Vitamin E is dangerous while Diet.com advises people to be extra careful about the dosage they take since they may find themselves in an accidental overdose and Diet Channel says that intake of retinol above 4000 International Units is toxic for the body.

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