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Things You Need to Know About Silicon Injection Removal

In recent years, there has been a growing number of individuals that have sought to have their appearance enhanced without the help of surgery. Part of the enhancement is the perfection of the face and body. It is unfortunate that illegal practitioners, as well as unethical doctors, have facilitated the usage of injected silicon. They use it to plum up the body and face. To add to that they also used silicone to reduce wrinkles. Unfortunately, so many victims do not realize how badly their health and body is affected by these products until it is late. Here are some of the elements pertaining to silicon injection removal that you should know.

Silicone is a foreign substance which upon entering your body is treated like an invader. This substance once in your body may lead to the development of scar tissues that may result in pain and hardness. This unwelcomed development is capable of being addressed making use of techniques of silicon injection removal. It is not an easy process to take out the scar tissue. For various case liposuction is indeed successful. In an instance where the injected silicon moves to a different part of the body then surgery is the best option. The techniques being used recently entails removal of the harmful silicone using a laser.

The major benefit associated with removing silicone is the reduction or elimination of adverse events that normally results from the injection. These might include, inflammation, pain, itching, and redness. Silicon has the capability of going to other body regions. This leads to really serious medical conditions. Some of the medical condition are inclusive of infections or even stroke.

You might be a great candidate for this procedure if after a silicon injection or implant you started having side effects. However, this kind of procedure is not at all meant for everyone. Ultimately the best way of knowing whether or not you actually are a good candidate is by having an examination on your first consultation.

You may be wondering whether there are any risk of complications. Well as much as there is always a risk of complication once this kind of surgery is done, this procedure is seen as fairly safe. Reason being the technological advancements that have occurred in the recent. Complications might include numbness, bruising, infection as well as excessive blood loss. The other possible complication is that of fat metabolism. Nevertheless, this is considered a really rare case. It involved the release of fat into one’s bloodstream which then ends up traveling into the lungs. When it comes to this treatment closed surgery is deemed the best option. Reason being it is seen as less invasive and leads to zero scarrings or just a little scarring.

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